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5) “Proto-Rom” from Next Generation episode “The Perfect Mate.”  Willing to risk blowing up his own ship to sucker his way onto the enterprise and claim a treasure?  Gutsy.  Upping the dorky exuberance to provide a distraction during the time of claim?  Handy.  Excitedly citing Peace as good for trade?  Wise.  Accidentally knocking out someone you’re trying to barter with?  Hijinks endue!  He’s so very much like the well-meaning goofball we know and love and it’s weird to see him in a chaotic antagonist role.  But what would you expect from a Next Generation Ferengi?  

4) This one goes low because Rom’s not even in the episode.  Immediately after Julian has a formal breakup with his then-girlfriend, she mentions she was thinking of someone else for the latter part of their relationship.  When Quark and Julian press her, she freely admits that Rom was the one.  When she walks away, those two were still trying to comprehend “Cute?  Sexy?  Rom?”  

3) Becoming Grand Nagus.  If Ferengi politics hadn’t been changing so much, he wouldn’t have had the chance.  But being placed in charge of the economics of a culture that is a commentary on capitalism shows not only how much he has grown in all aspects relevant to leadership, but also how ahead of his time he was.  When he was introduced he was described as “an idiot who couldn‘t fix a straw if it was bent” and wasn‘t even given a name in the end credits..  Quark himself declares that while he cannot bring himself to lead Ferenginar on the path it has been set on, Rom is the PERFECT Ferengi for the job.  

2) Telling Leeta that he loves her.  He has spent the entire episode in a B-Plot struggling against the AI from Voyager for her affections.  Choking repeatedly on trying to tell her how he feels, until finally blurting it out as she’s about to leave with the good doctor.  That’s better than I’ve done most of the time.  And I might be projecting here, but I doubt I’m alone in that.  

1) Standing up to Quark when Nog asks his approval to join Starfleet.  Rom will be the first Ferengi in Starfleet.  Quark is naturally very against this, but Rom steps in and says “When it comes to the bar, you’re in charge.  When it comes to my son, I’M in charge.”  He then promptly gives Nog his blessing.
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Submitted on
August 17, 2014